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SmartBank has many unique and Intelligent Accounting Tools that will guarantee to SAVE bookkeepers and accountants over 90% of their cashbook processing TIME and COSTS!

New 2015 Features

  • - "Find & Replace" function quickly cleans up "Ledger Account Descriptions" beautifully!
  • - Tick or Untick Range of transactions using the "Ctrl" key
  • - New menu layout sorts all the companies in alphabetical order

SmartBank gets updated regularly with lots of time saving intelligent features.

VIDEO - SUMMARY of ALL the SmartBank Features



SmartBank’s runs beautifully with MULTIPLE accounting packages

VIDEO - Auto Allocates all RECURRING Transactions

Up to 90% and more of recurring transactions can be Auto Allocated and saved to the SmartBank Auto Allocation List.

SmartBank also has 10 ways to automate the way the Ledger Descriptions are automatically changed when imported from the bank statement.



Recurring transactions can be both 1) manually Split and can 2) now be automatically Split across unlimited accounts immediately when importing the bank statement into SmartBank by saving the original split transaction.



VIDEO - Auto Fill Blank Accounts with Default Accounts

Unallocated "Deposits: or "Withdrawals" can be Auto Allocated to the default  "Deposits" or "Withdrawals" accounts that are set-up in the "Auto Allocation List" on the Tool bar menu. 


VIDEO - Auto Reconciles Imported Transaction to Bank Statements

Smartbank automatically reads the Bank Account "Opening Bank Balance" in the accounting package making reconciliations so easy.

Overlapping transactions can easily be UNTICKED or the "Date Range" can  be changed to complete reconciling the Imported transactions to the Bank Statement before exporting the reconciled transactions into the accounting package.

Smartbank comes with many Intelligent Accounting Tools

Smartbank comes with many Intelligent Accounting Tools
  • - Import Assistant imports the bank statement file
  • - Find & Replace easily deletes / replaces unwanted bank statement text!
  • - Abbreviations, copy and paste for ledger descriptions and accounts
  • - Sorts and groups like transactions easily and intelligently
  • - Searches the whole bank statement for key words or symbols
  • - Export Assistant with multiple options to export into your accounting package

Smartbank has its own unique features including

  • - Runs multi bank accounts at the SAME TIME
  • - Exports into Excel and re-imports back into SmartBank
  • - Independently stores all the transaction history imported with:
    • - Runs separate “Reports” analysing Receipts & Expenses
  • - Recognizes and eliminates duplicate transactions (OFX and OFC files only)
  • - Prints Bank Statement transactions Imported (and Exported) for filing
  • - Ticks and excludes selected transactions that do NOT need to be exported
  • Easy, user friendly and logically laid out making SmartBank a pleasure to use!

Smartbank can also store and archive all the transactions imported and saves and tracks the whole download history for years backwards by “archiving” the transactions

  • - Saves and Tracks the whole download history for years backwards by “Archiving” the transactions
  • - Has robust reporting with income and expenditure summaries and cash flow graphs and more
  • - Has a separate Standalone package option that will become a separate cashbook and reporting tool
  • - Lots of built in HELP facilities with a downloadable manual and videos that are easy to use



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