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Cashbook Bank Manager Accounting

Imports bank statements into multiple accounting packages

including all versions of Pastel Partner & Express,
TurboCASH, OS Financials with Sage One, Xero Accounting and QuickBooks coming soon

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SmartBank Bank Manager

is SMART bank manager & cashbook accounting software tool that:

  • imports thousands of bank statements transactions into its own cashbook
  • Quickly edits, maps, auto allocates, & reconciles the cashbook to the bank statement
  • Then exports the reconciled transactions straight into the cashbooks in the accounting package

SmartBank Bank Manager is unique and is guaranteed to:

  • SAVING over 400% in cashbook processing time, costs and money!!
  • Eliminating human cashbook processing errors forever!
  • Makes cashbook processing effortless, paperless and a pleasure!

SmartBank sets the cashbook processing Accountant, Bookkeepers or Business Owner FREE with:

No more manually capturing transactions into your cashbook line by line ever again.

Write up a cashbook in less than 1 hour that used to take 2 to 3 days to complete!

Rather use SmartBank to give you the valuable time to focus the important aspects of running the clients financial affairs and more!

SmartBank Cashbook Accounting

SmartBank runs with multiple accounting packages including:

  • Sage Pastel Partner and Xpress – All versions from V10 to V19
  • Sage One Accounting – Online
  • Xero Accounting – Online – NEW coming soon
  • TurboCASH & OSFinancials
  • QuickBooks Accounting coming soon

SmartBank is ideal for all Accountants and bookkeepers with:

  • Multiple accounting packages to choose from – Click HERE
  • Many more unique and time saving features – Click HERE
  • At a fraction of the price – Click HERE
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SAVE over 400% of your bookkeeping TIME and COSTS and MONEY

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Have a look at our video on how easy SmartBank works with Sage One

SmartBank is now becoming an offline Cashbook for Sage One (and Xero Accounting coming soon) that can be worked on Offline and when ready, can be exported from SmartBank and then imported into Sage One quickly and easily!

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Raving Fans Of SmartBank Say

I have been in the franchising business the past 25 years: in both the oil and food industries
where margins are small and controlled. I do the bookkeeping for the
4 businesses, so when I was introduced to Dave Hartley and Smartbank in 2012, those “dreaded bank statement entries”
became one simple, efficient, accurate & easy download! This has saved me huge time and energy, well worth the investment! Smartbank is compatible with most bookkeeping system, I highly recommend Smartbank.

Smartbank has been an amazing tool for our businesses, saving us approximately
10hours each month. It has not only helped with time saving, but with the accuracy and consistency of data capturing.
I cannot imagine going back to capturing my cash books manually again and would highly recommend this product to anyone.

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